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May 4, 2013


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It was a school day, early morning. You were on your Pesterchum as usual, out of boredom. You were browsing the list of users, and a certain name caught your intrest almost right away. twinArmageddons. You yourself had a twin sister, and you've heard of an "Armageddon" before. You think it was some generic crap that referred to a site to be used during the end of the world for a battle of sorts. "Finally, one of these names actually makes sense," It was a shame that the chum wasn't online, though. You're pretty sure if they were, you'd pester them.
"(Name)!" You heard the soft voice of your mother call. "Whhhaaaaaatttt?" You called back, almost grumbling. You knew what she wanted. "It's time to go to school!" She said. This happened every morning. You get up, go to get your backpack and jacket on, and head out the door, all while mumbling to yourself that you had better things to do. You think you could have sworn you heard your mother giggling right before the door shut. Your twin sister can catch up later, for all you care.
When you get to school, it's just as usual. You and your sister part ways, and head to your first class, which in your case, is Art. You didn't particularly have anything against it, so it's always a nice way to start your day at school.
"Alright class, we're going to be finishing up our project today! It's the last day, so you need to be done by the end of class, or else it will be 20 points taken off each day it's late!" The teacher says, stating the obvious. You're lucky enough to have finished it yesterday, so today you get to freedraw. You grab a blank paper, and just stare at it for a little while. You seriously have no idea as to what to draw. By the time you get an idea, the bell for second period has rung. You shrug, you hate second period. Gym.
-Magical time skip because I said so-
Now it's lunch, and you're sitting down with all of your buddies. This is probably the best part of the day, aside from the next period, 5th.
"Hey, did you guys see the concert last night?" One of your friends ask.
"What concert?" You respond, with another question.
"Alternia's concert! Duh, who else?" Another one of your friends responds.
"..." You honestly have no idea as to what the hell an "Alternia" is. But you decide they must be pretty good, being your friends seem rather fond of them. "Okay." You kill the conversation.
It was pretty much like that for the rest of lunch, but luckily after that little conversation killer of yours, there was only about five more minutes of lunch left. The bell rung, you got up, threw away the leftovers from your lunch, and started to head over to fifth period with one of your friends. Pretty much one major reason why fifth is the best.
When you get there, you and your friend pull out chairs and put them up against your teacher's desk. You two do this everyday, mostly because your teacher is awesome. He doesn't even care or really seem to notice you and your friend cuss plenty. He's also awesome, because he's a science teacher. Science, in your opinion, pretty much is the only useful subject. Also, he's nice, and he likes anime and manga. And otaku science teacher. Can it really get any better?
"Hey, I'm wondering, since we're getting a new student today, if you two could both show him around school during this period?" Your teacher asks. He rarely asks any favors, so you decide... "Why not?" You say. Your friend looks at you, and agrees. "Great, thanks you guys." Your teacher replies. You are pretty much internally squealing, since you actually are excited to meet this person. You don't exactly know why, you just like transfer students and stuff.
After about ten minutes into class, the door just opens. No knocking, or anything. It just opens. This kid with a hoodie and sunglasses walks in. He's... pretty much wearing all black, except you think what is the roman numeral two? Maybe it's the Gemini symbol. Is half red, on the left, and half blue, on the right. He also had black and white mismatched shoes. He just kind of stands there for a few seconds, and everyone, even the teacher stares. But luckily your teacher reacts fast. "Hello, you must be the new student! Welcome, I'm Mr.(Insert creative teacher name here), I will be your new science teach for the rest of your time here. How about you start by introducing yourself?"
You seriously wonder how he can be so social with someone who looks like a complete creep. You're not even allowed to wear hoodies and sunglasses in school, so why can he? Maybe some disease?
The kid nods, and says his name is Jimmy Rice. Some kids laugh, even you and your friend giggle a little bit. He doesn't react at all, he must be used to it. He spoke with a LISP. You've never actually heard any in real life before. "Do any students have questions for him?" Your teacher asks the class. Some kids raise their hands. Mr.(Insert creative teacher name here) calls on this one girl. "Um, Jimmy, why are you wearing sunglasses and a hoodie?" She asks, sounding as if she felt stupid about her question. "It's because I'm sensitive to almost any source of sunlight." Jimmy responds. You can't take him seriously with this lisp. If it wasn't for your friend covering your mouth in the right amount of time, you would have laughed your ass off and pissed yourself. You had no idea lisps could be so amusing. You can almost see him eyeing you, and you stop.
By the time all questions are done being answered, you gather that he is the same age as you, roughly about five inches taller than you, and has a dog named Sandy. He honestly doesn't seem so bad, and despite his creeper aura he gives off, he actually seems kind of normal.
Your teacher looks at you and your friend, signalling that it's time for you guys to show him around. You both get up, get your stuff, and head towards Jimmy. Your teacher tells you guys what you're about to do, mostly towards Jimmy, and he nods. You could have sworn you saw a slight smirk right on the tip of his lips. Maybe some really sharp teeth too? That would explain the lisp. The three of you begin to head out the door, and into the hallway.
By the time you guys get back, there almost has been no conversation between the three of you at all. Besides telling him what each place was. Sadly, it's also time to go to sixth period.
-Screw the rest of school, it's boring and nothing interesting happens after that. Magical time skip home.-
You are bored. Very bored. Even on your computer, you can get bored. How is that even possible to get bored with technology? You shrug, and simply browse your Facebook newsfeed.
 You eye this poster that says "ALTERNIA" in big bold black letters. You remember almost right away about you and your friend's conversation at lunch. You finally feel as if your boredom has been removed, and you go to YouTube, and search them up. You listen to some of their songs, and fall in love. You notice a song named "twinArmageddons", just like the pesterchum name earlier... The pesterchum name. PESTERCHUM. Oh crap. You should probably go check it.
You open your pesterchum, but luckily enough, none of your chums have pestered you. You sigh. You don't want to make a waste of time out of this, so you decide to see if that "twinArmageddons" person is on. They're probably a fan of "Alternia". Ironically enough, they are on. You decide to pester them.

(Insert creative handle here) [CH] began pestering twinArmageddons [TA]
CH: Hello?
TA: crap, not agaiin, iit must be one of the fan2
CH: The what?
TA: ...the fan2.
CH: What fans?
TA: are you a troll or are you ju2t 2tupiid?
CH: Excuse me, but I just noticed your chum handle and couldn't help but want to pester you. I don't know about that anymore, you honestly seem like a complete jerk.
TA: wow thii2 ii2 a rather iintere2tiing change of pace. what ii2 your name?
CH: ...(Name).
TA: ii'm 2ollux captor. ever heard of me?
CH: Why would I have ever heard of you?
TA: becau2e ii pretty much created the be2t band ever.
CH: Give me a second, I'll search it up.

Surely enough, Sollux Captor is the lead singer for Alternia. ALTERNIA. Seriously, things need to stop being so ironic in this story. You stumble across the chum handle this morning, and your friends later bring it up.

I don't know if I should continue this. This is my first "x Reader" FanFiction ever, really. Please rate, favorite, and comment!
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ridergal126 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Student General Artist
continuation is needed
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Of course! I will begin making more by tomorrow :3
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This is so ironic and awesome on so many levels
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Thank you so much it really motivates me <3
Koujaku-Sensei Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
You should write more }:D
FourthImperialPrince Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hopefully i get the motivation to
stridersgonnastride4 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013   Writer
Omg nep you should soooo continue! But you dont gotta do these in your journal just go to submit art then go to add text then after wards you can put a picture at the top sugar bee XD
FourthImperialPrince Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, that means a lot to me :3
And yeah, thanks for telling me that as well, next time I write I'll keep it in mind
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